Some code for using the builder pattern

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This is a generic builder class which separates off the business of creation into a reusable component

Its a quick step to get into the builder pattern which is useful for building loads of things, hierarchical things, fluent interfaces for configuring things and all that

It was part of Testing, but its so "awesome" for so many things, not just testing, its got its own project now

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// create a builder for a mocked interface (using Moq)
var builder = new Builder<IThingy>(Mock.Of<IThingy>)
                .With(x => 
                                x.Name = "Some Name";
                                x.SetValue("Some Value");

// create an instance
var instance = builder.Build();

// create an other instance, override the name
var otherInstance = builder
                    .Build(x => x.Name = "Other Name");

// create 100 instances, then 10 overriding the name, the index is supplied too
var instances = builder
                    .Build(10, (x, i) => x.Name = "Other Name")

Notes on Usage

The builder implements IEnumerable and is has a lazy iterator, which means everytime you enumerate it you will get a new set of objects

Call .ToArray() or .ToList() to fix a set to a variable (see above)